We love our customers, and they love us! See how clients become friends, bonded over the magic of Better U CBD.

Kerry Price
Security Guard, Youth Basketball Coach

I am on my feet at least 12 hours a day. I had extreme pain in my knees and limited mobility. After a short time of using Better U CBD oil, I have been relieved of my pain and the mobility in my knees has returned. I will continue using Better U CBD oil and expect to continue with its positive results. I’ve even got friends using it too!

Garland Schuler
Retired Fire Captain

 I have read lots of reviews for CBD products and the area I was most interested in was sleep and anxiety.

After much research I made the decision to try CBD. I wanted a clean, pure product that met all they criteria for a superior CBD oil. I found that product in Better U CBD oil and have been using it since March 2019.

It has helped me wean myself completely off my anxiety medication. I have also had sleep problems for over 10 years and have taken Ambien daily. NO MORE! I now sleep well and wake up feeling great.

I highly recommend Better U CBD oil and am happy with my purchase. I have recommend it to friends and they too have had great results.

Melanie Young
Business Owner/Active Grandmother

I live a very active life, work and family keep me busy.

My knee pain was so severe I was considering knee replacement surgery. I was taking cortisone shots and eating ibuprofen like candy and it was tearing up my stomach. I had to just so I could keep moving.

In February 2019 my cousin told me about Better U CBD oil. After listening to other’s testimonies about the life changing effects, I give it a try. And I am so glad I did. Not waking up to pain every day and I am sleeping like a baby.

It gives me an overall rested mind and body. I would recommend Better U CBD to anyone with chronic joint pain. Better U has made me a better ME!

Jimmy Turner
Tire Shop Owner/Avid Golfer

I have owned my tire and brake business for over 25 years and it has taken a toll on my body. Arthritis pain in my hands, arms, knees and legs. I Could not sleep.

I was taking medications for both problems. I watched my friend, Jack Prater, transform before my eyes. I had to have what he had.

I’ve been buying his product since he started the company in January 2019…  BETTER U CBD oil twice daily for me from now on!

Gracie Prater
Quality control, Better U CBD

My vet fixed my torn ACL in October 2018. I also had a torn meniscus and could barely walk. I was taking 3 kinds of medicine. In May of 2019 i went back to my vet and she could not believe how good I was doing. Great range of motion, no pain and everybody at the vet’s office told me how good I looked. I told her I had stopped all my medicine in November and my daddy was giving me the THC free version of Better U CDB oil twice daily. I like the way it makes me feel and I love taking it. I have even got my best dog buddy, DeWayne, taking BETTER U too.