We love our customers, and they love us! See how clients become friends, bonded over the magic of Better U CBD.

This is Kerry Price, one of our most faithful customers at Better U CBD

Kerry Price
Security Guard, Youth Basketball Coach

I am on my feet at least 12 hours a day. I had extreme pain in my knees and limited mobility. After a short time of using Better U CBD oil, I have been relieved of my pain and the mobility in my knees has returned. I will continue using Better U CBD oil and expect to continue with its positive results. I’ve even got friends using it too!

This is Garland Schuler, one of our most loyal customer at Better U CBD

Garland Schuler
Retired Fire Captain

 I have read lots of reviews for CBD products and the area I was most interested in was sleep and anxiety.

After much research I made the decision to try CBD. I wanted a clean, pure product that met all they criteria for a superior CBD oil. I found that product in Better U CBD oil and have been using it since March 2019.

It has helped me wean myself completely off my anxiety medication. I have also had sleep problems for over 10 years and have taken Ambien daily. NO MORE! I now sleep well and wake up feeling great.

I highly recommend Better U CBD oil and am happy with my purchase. I have recommend it to friends and they too have had great results.

Melanie Young is one of Better U CBD's most loyal customers

Melanie Young
Business Owner/Active Grandmother

I live a very active life, work and family keep me busy.

My knee pain was so severe I was considering knee replacement surgery. I was taking cortisone shots and eating ibuprofen like candy and it was tearing up my stomach. I had to just so I could keep moving.

In February 2019 my cousin told me about Better U CBD oil. After listening to other’s testimonies about the life changing effects, I give it a try. And I am so glad I did. Not waking up to pain every day and I am sleeping like a baby.

It gives me an overall rested mind and body. I would recommend Better U CBD to anyone with chronic joint pain. Better U has made me a better ME!

Jimmy Turner is a local business owner and one of our most loyal customers at Better U CBD

Jimmy Turner
Tire Shop Owner/Avid Golfer

I have owned my tire and brake business for over 25 years and it has taken a toll on my body. Arthritis pain in my hands, arms, knees and legs. I Could not sleep.

I was taking medications for both problems. I watched my friend, Jack Prater, transform before my eyes. I had to have what he had.

I’ve been buying his product since he started the company in January 2019…  BETTER U CBD oil twice daily for me from now on!

Gracie, our most faithful CBD customer

Gracie Prater
Quality control, Better U CBD

My vet fixed my torn ACL in October 2018. I also had a torn meniscus and could barely walk. I was taking 3 kinds of medicine. I was one lazy dog. I had no energy, was in a fog all the time, and I never wanted to play. My daddy started giving me CBD oil in November and took me off all my meds. In May of 2019 i went back to my vet and she could not believe how good I was doing. Great range of motion, no pain and everybody at the vet’s office told me how good I looked. I told her I had stopped all my medicine in November and my daddy was giving me the THC free version of Better U CDB oil twice daily. The staff at the Veterinarian  was so impressed by how well I was doing, they became Better U CBD customers too. I like the way it makes me feel and I love taking it.

I have been waiting tables since I was 13 I will be 70 in July. As you can imagine it has taken a toll on my knees and hips. I was talking to one of my friends at work and she told me about Jack and Beth . She gave me Jack’s number and I called him and had some questions . We talked for about an hour. He told me how much it had been helping him, where he found the company that he was buying from, how it was produced, and how to tell if a product is properly made. He was very  knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I placed my first order and started to use Better U CBD oil. In just a short time, my knees and hips stopped hurting. Jack and Beth both are very kind. I always get my shipment very quickly. I highly recommend this product. Thanks Jack and Beth.

Kathy B.

I have been on anti depressants for 3 years and have been weaning off slowly because I do not want to be on any medications.  I prefer natural Remedies. I am so very thankful for The CBD oil I have been buying from Jack for about a year now because it has made the transition a lot smoother. I know it’s working because the few times I either purposely tried to stop taking it or just didn’t reorder timely I had anxiety episodes. I am absolutely amazed at how effective the oil is. It has also helped with a few of my knee and back issues as well. Thank you JACK!!

Olivia H.

I’ve been battling sleep problems for years on top of suffering from severe neuropathic hand pain due to a car accident. After much research and then discussions with the great folks at Better U CBD oil, I started a regimen of  CBD oil and CBD lotion. After 10 months now sleep far better and have stopped arthritis in my hand. The neuropathic pain has been reduced so that I’ve been able to aggressively reduce gabapentin doseage used to mask the chronic neuropathic pain.  I highly recommend Better U CBD too give you back a better life.

Scott S.

I Just opened my third bottle of better U CBD oil and I am doing great. Overall just fell better. Less joint pain. Heart beat less pounding.  More relaxed and sleeping better. A great product at a great price

Ron C.

I discovered a few years ago that I had arthritis, and that coupled with numerous personal tragedies, exacerbated my symptoms. I changed my diet and exercise and was seeing good results, but I was still suffering from residual pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep. In an effort to avoid prescription drugs, I tried Better U CBD oil, then their topical cream (my new best friend!), and most recently their organic turmeric with ginger, and I have noticed excellent results. These products are top grade and I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with life’s chronic pains and issues.

Joann M.

I am Jack’s son and though he started using cbd for his health I was number 2 on his hit list. I suffer from anxiety, mild depression and worst of all, panic attacks.  I started using Better U CBD oil in December 2018.  And that was the end of my problems.

By May of 2019 I was doing so well I didn’t think I needed to keep using the oil and I stopped.   Was I mistaken!!  Within days, I had a severe panic attack.  I called Dad and told him that I had quit taking the CBD oil and I was having a panic attack.  With all of his fatherly wisdom, he said, “How is that working for you, son?”  He told me to take a full dropper now, another before bed, another in the morning and to call him at lunch.  After a little loving fatherly advice, I once again am an avid Better U CBD believer and I will never stop taking CBD oil.

Chase P.