how better u found its roots

In July of 2018 I was an unhealthy, unhappy person and at the height of my depression. There were so many things wrong with me physically, I felt my body shutting down. I was desperate. At my sister’s urging, I begin to sample a relatively unknown substance called CBD oil. Little did I know this was the beginning of the most incredible journey I have ever made, and a transition into wellness that can be describe as “miraculous.”

In the beginning, I was very skeptical. How could putting drops of a plant-based oil under my tongue do what multiple drugs and doctors could not do?  I gave it a very guarded try using various CBD products with mixed results. Despite the varying results I began to feel a change in my body. My health and general outlook began to improve. Suffice it to say, all CBD is not created equally.

After about six weeks, I made a huge decision. To find a high quality, all-natural product that could do what the “drugs” could not do: relieve my pain and give my body a chance to being to heal itself.

My research went beyond wholesalers to find the highest-quality growers and processors. I decided only the highest-grade product would do. After finding a company in Winchester, KY that met my exceptionally high standards for manufacturing, I placed my first order. By week three of using their product, not only could I feel improvement, people started noticing a difference in me. Better movement, better sleep, less pain and a better overall sense of well-being.

In October 2018 I stopped taking all pharmaceuticals, with the only exception being a chemo pill (winning a battle with Leukemia). The crash was hard. (A word to the wise: pharmaceuticals are drugs and they are called so for a reason. As manufactured, artificial painkillers and sleep aids, they can become addictive and withdrawal is difficult. A weaning period is needed. I DO NOT recommend the “cold turkey” method). Fortunately, I continued using Better U CBD oil throughout the process.

After my self-inflicted 2-3 week crash-course in withdrawal management, I recovered in a way I never imagined possible. There was less pain than I had in decades. I purchased a small shipment and gave a bottle of CBD oil to my friends and family to share with them the gift I had been given. By Christmas 2018, my wife, kids, 91 year old mother-in law, friends and even my dog Gracie were all using CBD with amazing results.

 I began playing golf, walking and enjoying life again when just four months prior, I didn’t even want to get out of bed and found very little joy in anything.

“This is when I knew: I had to share this gift with everyone I could.”

the beginning of better u cbd

The Farm Bill passed in November 2018 and the world was about to learn about CBD. This is when I knew I had to share this gift with everyone I could. I had spent the last four months with endless research into CBD quality and processing. For hours a day I researched questions like: What exactly is CBD? How is CBD made? What does it consist of? How does it work in the human body? What constitutes a high-quality oil? What is the chemical compound that makes it so effective? Considering so many varying perspectives, what’s true and what isn’t? By the time I finished my research, I felt like I had a PhD in CBD.

“Even at my age, I felt young again. “

In January 2019, BETTER U CBD was born, and our company began to grow as my overall health continued to improve. The pain caused by neuropathy and arthritis was all but gone. My emotional health had returned. I was sleeping, happy, healthy, active, full of energy and, most importantly, I was motivated; this was a feeling I had not had in a very long time. Even at my age, I felt young again. 

In terms of the CBD itself, I noticed an enormous difference between the lower quality oils I had been using and the high-quality oil I had come to sell. There are so many variations in how CBD is grown, processed and produced. Many CBD products have additives, are ineffective, impure, harmful and even dangerous. Choose carefully!

the takeaway

Even though you don’t know me, I hope my story has inspired you, allowing you to see the hope and happiness that Better U CBD oil can bring. Please know that it takes time to work. It’s not a “miracle cure” that works instantly but it is an effective, safe, organic way to help your body heal itself.

Purity matters. The way the hemp plant is grown matters. Even the soil, air temperature and rain fall matter. How it is processed and packaged matters. Third party testing and verification matter. If your current or past CBD suppliers are not taking these things into account, they are not prioritizing your well-being.

Our CBD oil is organic, has no artificial or unnecessary ingredients (read more about it here), is certified by both the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the American Hemp Association, and has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) by ProVerde Labs for every single batch and bottle. Because of this, we believe that ours is one of the purest, most effective CBD oils on the market.

We believe that, using our high-quality CBD oil consistently, your life is going to change just like mine did. We can’t wait to see the difference that Better U CBD makes in your life and look forward to sharing that journey with you.

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All the best,

– Jack Prater


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